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Six on Saturday

It has pretty much rained all week, and while we needed some rain, some of the flowers are looking a little worse for wear. And the bees have had a tough time too. The delphiniums are proving popular with the larger bees, and they may even be a place to shelter!!

delphinium with bee

Bumblebee in delphinium flower

Meadow cranesbill, looking a bit washed out.


Continuing on the blue / purple theme, blue iris are also in flower.


Blue iris

While in the wild flower meadow ox-eyed daisy are just coming into their own.

ox eyed daisy

While in the greenhouse self-seeded chamomile sets of the lovely sage flowers, which again are very popular with the bees (probably also as the greenhouse is a place they can escape from the rain!).


Also in the greenhouse and polytunnel the first of the small alpine strawberries (and a few larger ones too).


Inspired by The Propagator’s – Six on Saturday

More spring flowers

Things are really greening up, though it still only feels like early spring. Wood anemones, Wood sorrel, Cuckoo flower and Daffodils all add splashes of welcome colour. Who needs elaborate shades, when simple whites, yellows and delicate pinks can do the job just as well?


Prolific Primroses

The primroses in the hedgerow bank near our house are flowering in prolific profusion.



There are always primroses here. The dappled shade from the hawthorn trees is just the kind of habitat they thrive in. The primroses are one of the few spring flowers that got off to an early start this year, despite our cold spring. So it may be that the surrounding grass isn’t as high as it would normally be.


So the flowers can be seen in all their gorgeous glory. I only wish I could share with you the beautiful, rich scent they were exuding as I took photographs of them this evening.