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Lens-Artists Challenge #246 – Still Life

For this week’s Still Life challenge I have a set of quite random photographs. Many thanks to Patti for this week’s theme. To start a birthday cake.

Birthday cake

Next a chicken created by my daughter from marbles.

Next some soft toys in a large mug.

And finally, an image of some flowers that I manipulated slightly.

Globe marigold

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #245 – Environments

Oh I remember reading the story Tina mentions in her post, to my kids, when they were much younger. And I am that country mouse for sure. There is so much to enjoy in the countryside, the quiet being one of the best things. Here in Ireland we have so much lush green too – so peaceful and restorative. The wildflowers and wildlife are just the icing on the cake.

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #244 -Glowing moments

Some glowing moments images for this week’s phot challenge. Dandelions are just little glowing blobs of sunshine this time of year and great for pollinators too.


Wild cherry blossom caught in the evening sun also gives a wonderful bright glow.

Wild Cherry

And in the flower garden, the fire-like red glow of tulips.


A big thank you to Siobhan of Bend Branches for hosting the Lens-artist challenge this week.

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #241 – Spring

Here in the west of Ireland, Spring can be a bit of a mixed bag. Nice sunning days often mixed with damp cold ones. The one thing that does change though is the longer days which is always a blessing. For me there are a number of things that herald the arrival of spring (especially when the weather is not a reliable indicator).

Firstly the return of the frogs to the garden pond.

And the birds dawn chorus starting to build………

….and the return of the first of the wild flowers, such as lesser celandine below.

Lesser celandine

And the first flowers to the garden too – crocus being one of the first to show.


And last, but certainly not least, the return of pollinators – still to see my first bumblebee around the garden this year (the one below from last spring) but there are some hoverflies appearing on the dandelions and daffodils.

bumblebee queen

Thank you to Sofia for letting us share some spring delights.

LAPC #238 and #239 – Alone Time and Finding Peace

Well I didn’t get much alone time last week, nor did I find much peace – it was a busy one. So this week, I am combining both last week’s Lens artist photo challenge (Alone time) and this week’s one (Finding Peace). For me time alone, is the time I find peace. Time to still the brain, recharge the batteries. Being in or close to nature, and being alone, means all the senses can be absorbed in the beauty around me.

No place better than the beach.

Ross Beach

After the beach it is my garden.

But really anywhere where I can be close to nature there is contentment.


Lens Artists Challenge #237: Bringing Softness

Another chance this week to get creative with the lens artist challenge – bringing softness.

Pink always looks good with a bit of softness.


Of course bees bring softness anyway – but I added a little bit more for fun.

Bumblebee on scabious

I thought this butterfly would work in colour but didn’t look right so changed to sepia.


This one, the softening changes the background to a lovely soft green.


And finally a landscape.

beach and sea

Manny thanks to Bren for the challenge.