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Six on Saturday

Well it has been one stormy week. It hardly seems that storm Ciara finishes and we are now getting Storm Denis. I don’t think I have ever seen the place so wet.

  1. These tete-a-tete daffodils are standing in water. I have never had water standing in this bed before and this is the second time in a week.

tete a tete daffodils

2. Earlier in the week between the two storm it got very cold and we woke to semi white – not snow but frozen hailstones. The garlic is just showing through.



3. Despite the cold weather the frogs have decided to spawn anyway – first spawn appeared today. We have not as many frogs as other years (about 50), but it may be due to the fact that there is water everywhere and they are spoilt for choice as to where to spawn!

Frog spawn

Frog spawn

4. I disturbed a pair of bullfinches feasting on the buds of one of the apple trees so they moved to the blackthorn in the hedge instead.

Bull finch


5. In other years this willow would be buzzing with earlier pollinators. But this year and last year’s early spring means it is coming out before the pollinators emerge. This is one of the problems with climate change – when nature gets out of sync with itself.



6. Winter Purslane – self seeds itself in the greenhouse and polytunnel and is a great addition to winter salads.


winter purslane

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Six on Saturday

It has pretty much rained all week, and while we needed some rain, some of the flowers are looking a little worse for wear. And the bees have had a tough time too. The delphiniums are proving popular with the larger bees, and they may even be a place to shelter!!

delphinium with bee

Bumblebee in delphinium flower

Meadow cranesbill, looking a bit washed out.


Continuing on the blue / purple theme, blue iris are also in flower.


Blue iris

While in the wild flower meadow ox-eyed daisy are just coming into their own.

ox eyed daisy

While in the greenhouse self-seeded chamomile sets of the lovely sage flowers, which again are very popular with the bees (probably also as the greenhouse is a place they can escape from the rain!).


Also in the greenhouse and polytunnel the first of the small alpine strawberries (and a few larger ones too).


Inspired by The Propagator’s – Six on Saturday

Forest Flood – Climate Change

The rain continues relentlessly as do the grey days. It is the time of year I long for even a glimpse of the sun. You can’t go anywhere but your feet are squelching underfoot. This week part of the forestry below the house was under a couple of feet of water. It usually happens at least once each winter. Climate change models suggest that Ireland will expereince cooler summers, milder winters and more rain, which pretty much summarises what we have experienced this year.

It frustrates me that our politicians are not really taking climate change seriously. While on one hand at the COP21 global summit on climate change in Paris our Taoiseach (prime-minister) Enda Kenny said we must act now, he also said that financial challenges will prevent Ireland from making stronger cuts in emissions from our agriculture sector. Yes, agriculture is vital to our Irish economy, but climate change will effect every man, woman and child on this planet. What will the politicians tell their children and grandchildren; we had a chance but we didn’t act? Surely now is a time to lead by example.