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As an ecologist I have always had an interest in nature. I love gardening and would spend all day outdoors if I could. I also enjoy taking photographs and writing. I live in the west of Ireland with my young family.

Changing – Lens artist challenge #15

From flower……..

Crab apple blossom

Apple blossom

to fruit.

Ripening apples!

Ripening apples!

And it would not be possible without our pollinators!

Carder bumblebee on apple blossom

Carder bumblebee on apple blossom



This month  Wild Daffodil’s Monthly Meet Up has the theme “Tree”. Here are some trees from my archives, some of which you may have seen before. Trees are amazing and provide us with so much:- fuel, food, shelter, oxygen to name just a few.

Look Up

This week’s len artist photo challenge #13 encourages us to look up.

When I  am taking photos of flowers I sometimes like to get the perspective of looking up.

Poppy heafs

Silhouette of poppy seed heads

During our summer visit to Wales, I kept seeing these willowherb flowers.  Here they were growing on a tall soil roadside bank,  allowing me to look up and get the blue sky background.


Willowherb against blue sky

Also in Wales these beautiful rose where climbing up an arbor in a garden.






Autumn fruit

We have had a great crop of apples this year but early autumn storms mean that we have also a lot of windfalls. We are using apples in everything ; apple and blackberry jam, apple crumble and cakes, apple puree/sauce, dried apples.  Last weekend, I was going to try and make plum (again windfalls) and apple jam, but the resulting puree was too nice, so we’ve just added a tiny bit of honey and are using fresh. It went really well with pancakes!

The storm also broken my favourite Victoria plum tree which always produced the nicest plus in the garden , so we will have to get replacement (Apologies for quality of photos, my camera is currently out of action so having to use my phone camera!).