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As an ecologist I have always had an interest in nature. I love gardening and would spend all day outdoors if I could. I also enjoy taking photographs and writing. I live in the west of Ireland with my young family.

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #232 – Looking Back

Sofia’s LAPC this week’s is about – Looking Back. I thought I would look back at my first blogs – it is 1070 posts later. First post was on the 13th March 2014, so nearly nine years ago! I remember being nervous posting it. Sadly no one actually liked it and the two ducks which featured in the post are no longer with us either.

As some of my regular followers will know I am quite fond of bees. My first bumblebee post was on the 15th March 2014 and it was on buff-tailed bumblebees. I had all of four likes and comments.

Buff Tailed Bumblebee

It wasn’t so easy to find my first Lens artist post – but I think it was on the theme of “Wonder” (July 2018), and I posted about our trip to Picton Castle in Wales and it’s beautiful garden. A wonderful place to explore.

Many thanks to Sofia for prompting this trip down memory lane.

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #231 – Favourite Images of 2022

John asks us to choose our Favourite Images of 2022. Some I have divided them into a couple of categories. Firstly (and probably not surprisingly) pollinators.

And then some wildflowers……………………

And finally some places.

Many thanks to John for getting us off to a good start for this year’s Lens-Artists Photo Challenge.

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #230 – Last Chance 2022

So it is nearly Christmas and the last chance to show some of our 2022 images in LAPC. There are so many – but I thought I would keep to a wintery theme. I hope my American followers are not getting it too cold just now.

Abstract ice
Ice crystals on grass
Frosted hogweed
Blackbird – keen to hang out close to bird feeder

And finally I would like to wish you all a very Happy and Safe Festive Season. Thank you for continuing to follow. It really is a joy to have you along.