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Mother name it seems is partial to details. It seems a little¬†unfair that this beautiful butterfly would be called the “common blue”. In flight it appears to be a bit of summer blue sky (particularly the males which are bluer than the females photographed below).

Common blue

Common blue

But at rest you see these stunning patterns of the under wing.

Common blue

Common blue



Summer Solstice

The year is speeding by and here we are already at the summer solstice. Compared to last year’s hot June we are having a more “normal” Irish June this year, with plenty rain and temperatures more often below 15 degrees Celsius than above. Still next week is promised warmer.

We still get to enjoy the lovely west coast though, even if we don’t venture into the water!

Cross beach, Mullet Peninsula, Co Mayo

Cross beach, Mullet Peninsula, Co Mayo

Happy Solstice to all.


Glorious trees

What would we do without our glorious trees? Trees come in all shapes and sizes and yet each one grows from a tiny seed and can live for hundreds of years.

From giant oaks and beeches……..

To smaller wispy things…..

They all have their magic.

Inspired by this week’s Lens artist photo challenge #50_trees