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Lens-Artists Challenge #171 – Weird and Wonderful

This week’s Lens-Artists Challenge #171 is – Weird and Wonderful.

There are some pretty weird insects out there – here a cockchafer, one of Ireland’s larger beetles at up to 35mm in length. They are sometimes called Maybugs The adults only live for about 6 weeks and they are usually seen in May and June (hence name), but the larva live underground for up to three years eating plant roots.

Next an oil beetle – not the best photo but these are one of the weirdest things I have seen in the garden. I wrote about them last year when we found this one in the garden – see link here.

We did some pond dipping workshops with school children back in September and these were the most popular find – a water scorpion. These aren’t true scorpions – the “tail” they actually use as a kind of snorkel to breath through. They use their front pinchers to catch small fish and tadpoles.

Six on Saturday – 16th October 2021

Mid October and nearly Halloween. Below my squash and pumpkin harvest this year.

The continuing relatively mild weather means that late flowering cosmos are still providing some good colour.

Meanwhile the sweet chestnuts are getting ripe.

Once again the choke berry leaves are putting on a wonderful autumn display.

Some lovely rosehips on the dog rose.

And will this be (sorry somewhat blurred) the final bumblebee this year?

Thanks to The Propagator for hosting Six on Saturday.

Lens-Artists Challenge #169 – The Ordinary

Ordinary is a funny word – because if you think about it there is not much ordinary out there. And life itself is pretty extraordinary.

A crow in a leafless tree can seem pretty ordinary, but I still find the image pleasing.

A dying piece of tree, can still be beautiful.

The boat above looks like a pretty ordinary fishing boat, but add a bit of sunshine and water and this is the result.

As many have already said, as photographers we get to see that extra something in the ordinary.

Six on Saturday – 9th October 2021

Finally some respite from the rain. Temperatures though remain exceptionally mild for October. Thank you to The Propagator for hosting Six on Saturday.

First this week a Hawthorn shieldbug – not that well camouflaged against the reddening leaves.

We are still getting some autumn raspberries – though the wet weather of the last three days has made them pretty squishy. Maybe able to harvest a few more this weekend as weather dries up a bit.

Not such good crop from the apples this year, and those few that are there, are being attacked by birds. Picked six good ones from the Pixie apple though.

Some hazel nuts too.

There hasn’t been great germination of the winter lettuce.

But I am holding out for these brussels spouts to fill out for Christmas!

Lens-Artists Challenge #168 – Seen Better Days

There is still beauty in things that have seen better days. I liked Tina’s monochrome images so decided to follow her example.

Here an old fence post slowly returning to nature.

An old boat that has probably not been used for some time.

And finally the detail of an old cottage window.