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Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #194 – Bokeh

In this week’s Lens Artists photo challenge, Sofia tells us that bokehis the pleasing or aesthetic quality of out-of-focus blur in a photograph.” My 40-150mm lens is pretty good at creating this effect without me having to think too hard about it. Here are a few examples from the last couple of weeks. The first one shows lots of blurry branches from the trees behind – not perhaps the most effective bokeh, but I like the bee in flight.

Bumblebee and bird cherry

The next three have all a green blurred background as spring is here and everything is greening up nicely.

Dandelion seed head
crab apple blossom
Lesser celendine

Thanks to Sofia for a great challenge.

Six on Saturday – 5th March 2022

A mixed week but the last couple of days have been frosty and then bright. Feeling very like spring, and first pollinators are emerging so bit of a pollinator theme going on this week. Many thanks for our host “The Propagator” for hosting Six on Saturday. Check out the participation guide.

My first this week is a dandelion with the first of the pollinators, a hoverfly, which I think is Eristalis pertinax. It is really important that we leave dandelions to bloom as they are a very important food source for these early emerging pollinators.

Dandelion with hoverfly

Crocuses are another great food source for queen bumblebees that are emerging from hibernation at this time of year.


Willow catkins, again here being used by hoverflies, and they will also be used by bumblebees.

Hoverfly on willow catkin

As will Hellebores.


I love daffodils – and the larger ones are also flowering now – bees will use them but only if they are really hungry and can’t find anything more appealing.


And finally this week the frogs have pretty much finished spawning in the garden pond (this photo is from earlier in the week). I hope the spawn won’t get too frosted.

Wishing everyone a great gardening week.

Six on Saturday – Spring is coming

One of the things that makes me really happy is the coming of spring.

A sure sign of spring is the arrival of frogs in the garden pond. They usually arrive around St Valentine’s Day and sure enough that is when the first ones appeared. Yesterday’s count was about 100!

At this point we also have the first spawn.

Thirdly this week are the crocuses. Despite all the rain they are coming through.

Flowers are just such bundles of joy. Here mini daffodils also coming out.

Even the first leaves are emerging – here some native honeysuckle and a great tit. The bird song is another sure sign of spring.

It is very wet though. We have had constant rain and everything is muddy. Garden jobs are well behind as it is just to wet too work the soil.

Thanks to The Propagator for hosting Six on Saturday and Sheetal for hosting last weeks lens artist challenge – Glimpse into your world.

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #105 – Spring

Spring is my favourite time of year. Everything is returning to life. Daffodils bring sunshine to the garden.

As do dandelions and with them come the bees, bringing back the buzz of insects.

There are leaves starting to come on the trees and the birds are thinking of nesting and bringing with them songs.

The frogs return to the pond, and their chorus adds to the sounds of spring .

And my favourite wild flowers – primroses, bringing with them their delicate scent.

Spring brings so much to our lives and above all is hope and renewal.

A walk in nature

In these times of lockdown the simple pleasures of a walk (no more than 2km of your home if you are in Ireland), still the mind.

It allows us time to refocus, time away from the chore of working from home.

It allows us time away from the constant noise of children at home. So you can enjoy the bird song and buzz of the bees by yourself.

It allows us time to connect to Mother Nature, to enjoy her beauty.

It allows us time to fill our lungs with fresh air and to enjoy the smell of spring.

The simplicity of a walk in nature, bring us peace.

Six on Saturday

In Ireland, some people optimistically consider the 1st of February the start of spring. It is also Saint Brigit’s day. The garden does certainly show signs of spring – so let’s be optimistic.

1. Hellebore

I have two – one white which is already fully open and this lovely red version which is nearly there.



2. Yellow crocus these are planting in grass under a birch tree and are usually the first crocus to appear each year.



3. Similarly these miniature daffodils are usually the first to appear. I have a couple of larger one that are also just opening too.

Daffodil - tete a tete

Daffodil – tete a tete

4. Snowdrops have been up for a couple of weeks – this pot was given to me by a friend a couple of years ago. (Sorry not best photo – always find them hard to photograph).



5.  I am happy to report that the Japanese onions I set in the polytunnel a few weeks ago (late) are doing quite nicely.



6. And the replacement for the Victoria plum I lost last autumn is in, finders crossed it will be bountiful in years to come.

Plum tree

Plum tree

We also managed to clean the very dirty windows of the greenhouse and tomorrow I may even plant some seeds!

Many thanks to The Propagator for hosting six on Saturday


Gaiainaction has inspired me to write a post on spring and sense of place. All around spring is in full flow. Fruit blossom burst forth not just on the trees in the garden but also along the hedgerows that line our roads and divide the fields around us.

apple blossom

apple blossom

On the hedge banks primroses, my favourite spring flower, release their delicate scent.



In the trees, blackbirds and pigeons are building nests. Robins are finding the highest branches to sing and proclaim their territories. In the sunshine of the afternoon, sleepy butterflies, recently woken from their winter hibernation drink thirstily from the nectaries of flowers.

Red Admiral

Red Admiral on plum blossom

As I walk up the road there is a spring in my step. The grey, dark days of winter are finally over us. Each walk brings new highlights. The first bumblebees, the first violets. Whatever it is. These little gems cannot be seen from the inside of a car, so it is important to get out and walk. Experience nature. Immerse yourself in the sounds, scents and joys of it all. Go outside. See if you can find something different, something you have never noticed before.

Buff tailed bumblebee

Buff tailed bumblebee