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Lens-Artists Challenge #175 – Follow Your Bliss

Over the weekend we got the chance to go for a walk and visit Lough Conn. The winter light, the water, the reflections were just perfect for a blissful couple of hours with the camera.

Lough Conn

Inspired by this week’s Lens Artist Challenge – Follow your bliss

Tree leaves and bark

Continuing on my tree and autumn theme – this week it is all about shapes. I hate to think of nature designing anything. Everything has adapted and has evolved to be the best it can be. Each leaf having it own unique pattern. Even the bark of the oak tree is an intricate pattern of different shapes.

Lens Artists Challenge #172 – A Day of My Week

At the end of mid-term we decided to head to Coolaney in Co. Sligo where my husband and kids could enjoy the Coillte bike trail and I could go for a quiet walk with my camera. It was a lovely sunny autumn morning.

I took the opportunity to take some photographs of plants. Here the seed heads of burdock and some pond weed growing in a boggy pool.

I was struck by the way the light shone through this small Scots pine branch.

Here an old farmstead – now pretty much surrounded by trees.

Here one of the many bike trails.

I climbed to the top of the track and got a lovely, if somewhat hazy view, over the surrounding hills.

A special thanks to the Lens artist team for continuing to provide inspiration. This time – A Day of My Week