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Elements of a day imagined

Start the day with a walk through the woods. Look for a tree to admire, or maybe even to climb.




Wander a little further and you will find a metal gate to wander through.


Metal gate

Exploring the field you find a badger sett, and you wonder at the creatures that lie beneath the earth.


On your route home you stop by the lake to cool your feet in the water.



You finish the day by the camp fire toasting marshmallows.


camp fire

Inspired by the Lens artist photo challenge this week – elements.







Is climate change affecting our neighbourhoods?

In the past few years our own neighbourhood has experienced floods due to rivers busting their banks;

River in flood

River in flood

We’ve had snow in March;

Daffodils in snow

Daffodils in snow

And exceptionally mild winter’s leading to early springs.

Common frog

Common frog

You may say all these things are just vagaries of our Irish weather, but there is no doubt that these extremes in weather events are becoming more common. For now though we are still blessed with a beautiful green landscape that Ireland is famed for. But how will species and landscapes cope if we find ourselves experiencing even more of these strange climatic events.


Post inspired by Lens artist photo challenge #36 – Around the neighbourhood





Appreciation of nature

From early childhood I have felt a connection with Nature. I am in my comfort zone when I am surrounded by Nature’s amazing greenery…..


Or the blue / greens of the ocean.

Achill Island

In my garden, I get a deep sense of pride and joy when the things I grow can, in turn, provide food for our beautiful bumblebees (and hoverflies)…

Bumblebee drone sharing Allium

Bumblebee drone sharing Allium

.. Or butterflies.

Orange tip on chives

And when our unique Irish hares visit, it is an extra special day.


My wish is to stay always like this, living quietly in a corner of nature. Claude Monet

Inspired by this week’s Lens-Artist Photo Challenge – Nature