LAPC #238 and #239 – Alone Time and Finding Peace

Well I didn’t get much alone time last week, nor did I find much peace – it was a busy one. So this week, I am combining both last week’s Lens artist photo challenge (Alone time) and this week’s one (Finding Peace). For me time alone, is the time I find peace. Time to still the brain, recharge the batteries. Being in or close to nature, and being alone, means all the senses can be absorbed in the beauty around me.

No place better than the beach.

Ross Beach

After the beach it is my garden.

But really anywhere where I can be close to nature there is contentment.


Lens Artists Challenge #237: Bringing Softness

Another chance this week to get creative with the lens artist challenge – bringing softness.

Pink always looks good with a bit of softness.


Of course bees bring softness anyway – but I added a little bit more for fun.

Bumblebee on scabious

I thought this butterfly would work in colour but didn’t look right so changed to sepia.


This one, the softening changes the background to a lovely soft green.


And finally a landscape.

beach and sea

Manny thanks to Bren for the challenge.