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Lens-Artists Challenge #164 – Looking Up/Down

This week we are being encouraged to look up and down. In nature there is much to see above our heads. Like wonderful birds soaring.

But I think I spend more of my time looking down, especially as bees and flowers!!

Lens-Artists Challenge #163 – Keep walking

I love going for a walk, especially if exploring new places. This summer, we had a chance to visit Annagh Head near French Port (Portnafrankagh) on the Mullet Peninsula, Co. Mayo. There were stunning views of the Atlantic.

And wild rocky coastlines.

The area has many amazing ancient Gneiss metamorphic rock formations.

Out at sea a blue fishing boat.

And then to top it all off – a whole pop of beautiful dolphins.

Delphiniums and garden bumblebees

In the garden at the moment the delphiniums are in full bloom. This week’s lens artist challenge asks that we show the same subject captured using multiple, different approaches, so I have chosen these flowers as my focus.

They are regularly visited by the Garden Bumblebees