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Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #221 – Flower Favourites and Why

So this week Ann-Christine has set me an impossible task – choose my favourite flowers. I have tried to narrow it down by only including native Irish wildflowers. The why is simple – they are beautiful and they support so much life. It’s a selection of some of my favourites.

First spring flowers – celandine one of the first to show itself; dandelions are just little pots of sunshine loved by pollinators; wood sorrel is so delicate and cuckoo flower so dainty.

If I had to choose one spring flower it would be wild primroses, for the colour and smell, the essence of spring.


Then comes summer. Harebells, for the name and the delicate shade of blue; ox eye daisies as they are big, bright and happy flowers and sea thrift because it appears to grow from rocks.

And if I had to choose a favourite I would cheat and choose a whole flowering meadow.

Wildflower in a machair meadow

Late summer and early autumn, there is perennial sow thistles (here with woundwort another lovely pant) and the latest flowering of our wildflowers, devils bits scabious – loved by pollinators.

A big thank you to Ann-Christine for reminding me of the beauties of spring and summer on this dark October day.

Lens-Artists Challenge #134 – From Forgettable to Favourite

Marsh marigold and buttercups are so bright they can be hard to photograph – but playing around with “shadow” effect can give some nice results. I also cropped the second image.

Inspired by Lens-artists challenge 134 From forgettable to favorite

Heritage week 2020

Each year in Ireland Heritage Week is a national week of celebration for all things heritage. This year the event is being held from the 15th to the 23rd August. Usually there are lots of events, talks, walks and all sorts of activities organised. And I often try and host a wildflower walk each year. This year however, due to covid, things have had to go virtual and digital.

So together with my son and daughter, Leave No Trace Ireland and a friend we have created a “Leave what you find – gather only seed” video.

My son and daughter have to take full credit here. They did the recording and my son has done all the video editing.

The video is about our native Irish flora, and how we can collect wildflower seeds in our local areas and grow them so we can increase the number of wildflowers in our gardens and community spaces. The video looks at various wildflowers that would have grown in traditional hay meadows; species such as yellow rattle (also known as hay rattle), ox-eye daisy and red clover. Following the Leave No Trace principle “Leave What You Find”, we cannot go and dig up wildflowers, nor should we pick them, however, we can gather seed.

We demonstrate how to collect your own wildflower seeds; the best places to find wildflower seed to collect; and how to grow these seeds to produce plants that can be planted in your own garden or your community spaces to recreate wildflower areas.

It has been a great learning experience for us all and we hope others will be able to learn from the video.