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Lens-Artists Challenge #251 – Buildings and Other Structures

I don’t take too many photographs of buildings, unless they are old. However, I have recently returned from a lovely trip to Norfolk in the UK, where I spent a lovely time with some dear friends. We lived in Norfolk for a few years in the early 2000’s and hadn’t been back since.

I had forgotten how lovely their buildings are – barns, houses and churches using red / orange / cream clay bricks and flint.

Along the coast near Blakeney, this lovely, old restored wooden life boat station.

And along the coast at Hunstanton these coastal groynes (a structure to trap sediment as part of their coastal sea defences against erosion).

Many thanks to Anne for this week’s LAP challenge

Lens-Artists Challenge #246 – Still Life

For this week’s Still Life challenge I have a set of quite random photographs. Many thanks to Patti for this week’s theme. To start a birthday cake.

Birthday cake

Next a chicken created by my daughter from marbles.

Next some soft toys in a large mug.

And finally, an image of some flowers that I manipulated slightly.

Globe marigold

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #232 – Looking Back

Sofia’s LAPC this week’s is about – Looking Back. I thought I would look back at my first blogs – it is 1070 posts later. First post was on the 13th March 2014, so nearly nine years ago! I remember being nervous posting it. Sadly no one actually liked it and the two ducks which featured in the post are no longer with us either.

As some of my regular followers will know I am quite fond of bees. My first bumblebee post was on the 15th March 2014 and it was on buff-tailed bumblebees. I had all of four likes and comments.

Buff Tailed Bumblebee

It wasn’t so easy to find my first Lens artist post – but I think it was on the theme of “Wonder” (July 2018), and I posted about our trip to Picton Castle in Wales and it’s beautiful garden. A wonderful place to explore.

Many thanks to Sofia for prompting this trip down memory lane.

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #223 – Flights of Fancy

Halloween can send one on all types of flights of fancy. I am not really one for scary things though, like reading horror stories or watching scary films. I like to feel relaxed when I read, not scared. Halloween, with those dark days and the start of November, the darkest of months, everything wet and decaying – and you can understand why the Celts would want to make a festival. Here is the time they believed the netherworld came close to the surface. When the dead could come and visit. I can imagine them telling stories around the camp fire, scaring the “bejasus” (An Irish expression) out of each other.


Everything is just a little bit scary at this time of year. I will be staying inside, and keeping warm. Happy Halloween!

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #220 – One Subject Three Ways

Herons are quite shy birds, so I rarely get opportunity to get this close.

Secondly an amazing sculpture (known as the Iron Man) by Maurice Harron, found near Boyle in Co Roscommon.

It is said to be of a chieftain, Hugh O’Donnell “Red”, and his horse, who lead a rebel Irish force against an English force in 1599 called The Battle of Curlew Pass. The English were ambushed while marching through a pass in the mountains, near the town of Boyle.

Many thanks to Patti, for this week’ LAPC challenge.

Lens-Artists Challenge #219: Treasure Hunt

This week Tina has sent us off on a treasure hunt.

A pet – one of my daughter’s silkie chickens


A moon


Clouds with reflection

Lake reflection

An umbrella

Snowman needs umbrella to protect it from the rain

A truck

Autumn foliage and child

And something found on a walk – beautiful sea smoothed tree

Thanks to Tina for a great challenge that send me to the archives