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Silent Sunday


West of Ireland Landscapes

Landscapes here in the west of Ireland can be dominated by grey, particularly in the winter months.

Lough Nafooey

Lough Nafooey

But the clouds can break to reveal those extra browns and greens.

West Mayo

West Mayo

And if you are lucky the sun will break through, and the clouds will play shadows with the ground.

West Mayo

West Mayo

And if you are near water you will get those amazing cloud reflections, as lake water doubles up as sky.

Lough with water lillies

Water lilies on lake

Look Up

This week’s len artist photo challenge #13 encourages us to look up.

When I  am taking photos of flowers I sometimes like to get the perspective of looking up.

Poppy heafs

Silhouette of poppy seed heads

During our summer visit to Wales, I kept seeing these willowherb flowers.  Here they were growing on a tall soil roadside bank,  allowing me to look up and get the blue sky background.


Willowherb against blue sky

Also in Wales these beautiful rose where climbing up an arbor in a garden.