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Lens-Artists Challenge #169 – The Ordinary

Ordinary is a funny word – because if you think about it there is not much ordinary out there. And life itself is pretty extraordinary.

A crow in a leafless tree can seem pretty ordinary, but I still find the image pleasing.

A dying piece of tree, can still be beautiful.

The boat above looks like a pretty ordinary fishing boat, but add a bit of sunshine and water and this is the result.

As many have already said, as photographers we get to see that extra something in the ordinary.

Lens-Artists Challenge #168 – Seen Better Days

There is still beauty in things that have seen better days. I liked Tina’s monochrome images so decided to follow her example.

Here an old fence post slowly returning to nature.

An old boat that has probably not been used for some time.

And finally the detail of an old cottage window.

Lens-Artists Challenge #134 – From Forgettable to Favourite

Marsh marigold and buttercups are so bright they can be hard to photograph – but playing around with “shadow” effect can give some nice results. I also cropped the second image.

Inspired by Lens-artists challenge 134 From forgettable to favorite

Lens-Artists Challenge #133 – My Photography Journey

As far as I remember my first camera was given to me by my uncle. It was a small Instamatic. I think this may be a photo from it. It was in an album from my childhood. I may have been about 10. In those days of print film we did not take too many photos. I have some photos of my family still and this one of my pet rabbit.

Pet rabbit – Tinko

At some point in my teens my parents bought my sister and I an Olympus OM 10, I think, which I think we shared for a while but then at some point I got my own. This camera lasted me for years. In fact, I still have it. At first we used print film, but later moved to 35mm slides. I never took too many photos as not like today you had to pay to get everything developed. And sometimes you were disappointed with the results.

Donegal, Probably about 1995

Our first digital camera was a Fujifilm Finepix F810 which my husband and I shared for at least 6 years. It served us well for number of years. But one wet day ended up falling from my then very young son’s hands and breaking. It was a great little camera and I took a lot of pictures of the children with it when they were younger, as well as photographs of our trips.

Connemara 2007

In 2011, a search on the internet led me to a review of an Olympus Pen EPL1. I liked the look of it and the review was good, it was a good price so I bought it. A few years later I upgraded to a newer version (EPL8) after the lens failed. I have since added a 50-140mm lens. I rarely go anywhere without it.