Garden Birds

Even if you only have a tiny garden you can bring more birds into your garden simply by hanging up a feeder and providing some peanuts or bird food. As well as food it is important to provide your birds with a source of water, especially in frosty weather when natural water sources may be frozen. It can be as simple as a small plant saucer or an elaborate bird bath, the choice is yours.

In addition you can provide nest boxes. Different types of boxes are available from most good garden centers or online. Or you can make you own. Check out the Bird Watch Ireland website for some designs ( )


Female Bullfinch

Bullfinches are seed eaters and will feed on dandelion seed-heads in late spring

There are lots of plants you can plant to provide food for birds. Good shrubs and trees for berries include: Rowan, holly, ivy and hawthorn. Many other trees provide seeds and fruits. This includes alder and crab apple. Garden flowers such as cornflower and sunflowers can also provide seeds. Area of cut grass as in a neatly kept lawn area are good places for blackbirds to search for worms. But equally areas of long grass can provide valuable forage too.


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