A Straw Poll on the Proposed Development of the Lagoon Field alongside Wilden Marsh

Mike at Wilden Marsh blog is asking people to share his post about a proposed development that is likely to threaten Wilden Marsh. While this is a UK site, I think it reflects how many natural areas throughout the world are constantly being put under pressure by so called developments, be they for houses, industry or intensive agriculture etc.

The Wilden Marsh Blog


Walking through a sunny Falling Sands Nature Area this morning, I looked up at the new houses along the top of the high Lower Stour Valley bank thinking of the marvellous view some of the residents have of Wilden Marsh. I am thankful that the River Stour and Worcestershire and Staffordshire canal is acting as a barrier between the marsh and the housing and residential estates along the west bank. The site of the old sugar factory is now a new combined housing and residential estate in the final stages of completion.

We are now faced with the threat of the Lagoon Field being turned over to residential/industrial use. The thought is terrifying! It would be a huge mistake and very bad news for Wilden Marsh Nature Reserve and the south to north wildlife corridor it is part of. I am unable to come to terms with the fact that this development…

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1 thought on “A Straw Poll on the Proposed Development of the Lagoon Field alongside Wilden Marsh

  1. dust4y

    Have done the vote and viewed some of the Shetland & Galloway cattle photos/videos (will go through them all). Hadn’t realised that these magnificent animals ate balsam. They can’t possibly do this to the cattle, the vital Lagoon or anything there. And this is just one threatened area of all those around the country. But mustn’t despair – all power to Mike!

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