Lush June

After a dry spell we are back to showery, mild weather typical of Ireland. The rain makes things grow, and not just the vegetables, but the slug populations, and weeds too. One finds oneself in a constant battle of wills. Thankfully the frog population is healthy and at the moment we are seeing lots of tiny frogs less than 1 inch long!

In late June, there always seems to be a huge spurt of growth, from grass, hedges and trees. Pathways would soon disappear and gates and gaps would close in, without some clipping and mowing. In many respects we are just trying to tame nature. Without us this garden would soon become a truly wild place.

Among the flowers pollinators are busy and I hope happy.

Tonight in Ireland, 23rd June, is St. John’s Eve. A midsummer festival celebrated  with bonfires at sunset. It is not a tradition that is widely celebrated any more, which is  shame. So tonight I will celebrate with the joys of midsummer – some of the flowers!

HAPPY MIDSUMMER one and all.

15 thoughts on “Lush June

    1. Murtagh's Meadow Post author

      It didn’t bloom last year so really please with it this year – it’s its second year. Yes, I have heard them called dog daisy too.

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  1. Jane

    Well, if that doesn’t make one happy then I don’t know what will. Love the Cosmos – keep meaning to grow some and the Campanula is truly beautiful – such colour and delicacy.

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    1. Murtagh's Meadow Post author

      I am really please with the campanula – though the wind and rain has given it a bit of a batter at this stage – but I agree the colour is stunning:)



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