Home – A Place

In a moment of optimism, and perhaps madness, I signed up to the Photo 101 WordPress course. I love taking photos and at times can be disappointed with the results so thought this may be a way of focusing a little and learning some new techniques. Today is the first day and the theme is Home & Getting Orientated.

View from my Kitchen

View from my Kitchen

So Home is, to use the cliche, ‘where the heart is‘. Not a house, but to me the place I live with all that it encompasses. House, garden, surrounding landscape, family and friends. My blog, which is just over a year old, focuses primarily on my garden and the landscape in which I am immersed. And my photos reflect this. I am happiest working in the garden or wandering through the countryside.

Home is the West of Ireland. I love it. I grew up here, left when I was 18 and returned ten years ago to bring up my family. I wanted my kids to enjoy the freedom I had as a kid: playing in the stream at the bottom of the road, wandering through fields, basically growing up surrounded by nature. You can learn so much just observing the natural world around you and eating the things you have grown from seed.




25 thoughts on “Home – A Place

  1. Robbie

    Lovely and inspiring as usual:-) so glad, I stopped by today-stunning! I have raised my kids and now I have my grandson ( turned 2 yesterday- my oldest daughter lives in Stockholm with the other 1-he is 3 + she just had twins a boy and girl in April! )helping in our garden:-) It is so important to teach the young to appreciate. You are truly blessed to live in such a spectacular place-endless inspiring scenery! Love what you do with your photos and landscape. Your children are so blessed! Happy Spring-oops-summer starts here in a few days!

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    1. Murtagh's Meadow Post author

      Thank you Robbie for your kind words and congratulations to you and all your family on the new arrivals. How exciting! I bet you are a great grandma! Yes we actually had some nice sunshine today so maybe summer is on the way! May has been cold and wet:(

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  2. Eliza Waters

    I love your photos, esp. the sunset one and of the daisies (great perspective!). Your story sounds similar to mine. I grew up in the next town over, moved away while still in school, moved many more times over 19 years, including to the city, but after my son was born the call to return was strong, so we moved back and have been here for 25 years. The call of the wild cannot be ignored! 😉

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  3. gaiainaction

    How lovely to see such beautiful photos of your garden, your flowers, and the surrounding country side which is amazing! Very beautiful.

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