Expanding the garden

My parents have kindly given us the field below the house. And today, our neighbour and friend Willie arrived with his digger. The field is quite a wet area as the soil is peat. The plan is to create a number of mounds on top of which cobnuts, blueberries and a couple of apple trees will be planted. It is hoped that the mounds will allow free drainage around the trees.

Creating soil mounds

Creating Soil Mounds

Another mound along the southern boundary will be planted as a natural hawthorn hedge. The extra area will also us to expand our poultry flock. We will be creating a pond area for the ducks. We’re hoping not to line the pond but will allow it to fill naturally (with additional water coming from the roof of the workshop). The plan is to plant reeds around the edge. The reeds grow naturally just a couple of fields away near a small river.  There are also bull rushes in the nearby drain and we hope to incorporate these too. Hopefully you will see the progress over the next few weeks.



1 thought on “Expanding the garden

  1. Miranda McCoy

    Loving the blog – as a town dweller in Suffolk it is a delight to get a little touch of country living via your updates. I particularly like the picture and info on bees. I am making an effort to encourage bees and butterflies into my garden and have some friendly plants for them to enjoy. Looking forward to the next update and gorgeous pictures.



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