Six on Saturday – 1st May

May already, and we are still having night frosts. Time they went away now. This week’s Six on Saturday. Thank you to The Propagator for hosting.

  1. Red crab apple – tiny apples but makes up for it with it’s beautiful foliage and flowers.

2. Newly emerged and very green maples leaves.

3. Bluebells. Yes May is bluebell season

4. Geranium – small and delicate and I am afraid I don’t know the name.

5. Dandelions are already setting seed and attracting a goldfinch pair into the garden.

6. And finally we have six new chicks just a couple of days old.

24 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – 1st May

    1. Murtagh's Meadow Post author

      That is interesting. We don’t have many rooks about her but do have starling and I don’t recall seeing them take the seeds. Other finches yes, especially the bull finches


      1. dust4y

        Sorry, I meant that the starlings and rooks are so noisy and bashing around the bird tables that the goldfinches keep away. They visit next door though!

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