New arrivals

Finally, we have some new hens. We had hoped to get some Rhode Island or Marrams but for now, are happy to have four new hybrids.

New Chickens

New Chickens

We kept them in the ark for a couple of days till they got used to the new surroundings. Poor things had probably never seen a green field.


But now they are wandering about exploring and learning.

hensHensWilliam and his ladiesThis is William, and he looks proud having got some new ladies to look after. They were actually pecking ever so gently at his feathers. Not sure if they were trying to preen him or just thinking he may be good enough to eat.

Even the ducks are happy, as all the rain we’ve had, has filled the pond up!




7 thoughts on “New arrivals

  1. Robbie

    Oh my , you have been busy:-) I need to stop by more often. You have some new ladies!They are beautiful. A hybrid? awww…they are too pretty for a hybrid:-) William is a looker-what a pefect name. Do the ladies have names, yet? Maybe they are letting him know they are boss- peck away-LOL


  2. Miranda McCoy

    Loving William and his girls. Where had they come from (having not seen green fields?!) One is pleased that they have come to a Happy Poultry Haven. Having just finished Dickens girls names should be Betsy, Peggotty, Dora and Agnes! xxx


    1. Murtagh's Meadow Post author

      Trust you to turn to Dickens for names – but actually they are rather good. Particularly like Peggotty and we’ve had a Maud before which reminds me of Agnes:)



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