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Yellow – Monthly Meet Up Photo Challenge

Yellow is this month’s photo challenge from Wild Daffodil. At this time of year dandelions should be everywhere, but the cold spring means they are only just coming. Dandelions are a great source of pollen for bumblebees. So if your lawn is awash with yellow, think twice before you cut it.



Allow the dandelions to flower and you will be providing bees with an important food source.

Warm yellows

What could be warmer than the rich yellow of gorse flowers against the sharp green leaves?



Gorse (Ulex europaeus) is a native shrub to Ireland. It is also known also by local names such as whins and furze. It’s is often found growing in hedgerows. In the past, it was used for fodder and a fuel source.

The flowers are richly scented and can be described as smelling of coconuts or pineapple. Though it’s close relative Western gorse (Ulex gallii) the flowers are not scented. The petals are edibles and were used for dying eggs at Easter.

Post inspired by Wild Daffodil’s Photographic Monthly Meet Up – Warm.