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Lens-Artists Challenge #184: Travel has taught me

Travel has taught me that I am a home-bird! I love new places and exploring but I don’t enjoy the getting there. Mostly I have travelled to study or to start a new job, but since I settled back home I am content to stay put. When we lived in the UK I did spend a couple of long weekends in Devon/Cornwall area.

When I did travel I found that no matter where you went nature’s beauty was everywhere.

Sardinian flower

In recent years we have travelled frequently to Wales to see my husband’s family. These trips are always made by ferry.

Crossing the Irish sea

And there is always so much to do and see in Wales; from historical castles to learn about…………………

And gardens to find inspiration.

Window with a view

This is the view from the summer house at Laugharne Castle in south Wales which we visited last year. The window overlooks the Taf Estuary. Dylan Thomas, the famous welsh author is supposed to have used the summer house to write. And the view is certainly inspiring.

Summer house at Laugharne castle

Summer house at Laugharne castle

Inspired by this week’s Lens-artist photo challenge – Window with a view

Flower Displays

Again I find myself reminiscing about last summer. The day we visited the National Botanic Garden of Wales was probably the hottest and sunniest of them all – so not the best day to photograph the amazing displays of flowers in the gardens.

One of my favourite areas was this planted wheat field with traditional “weeds” – in other words flowers – this is how wheat would have grown in the past before chemicals.

Botanic Gardens, Wales

Botanic Gardens, Wales

I used the pop setting on the camera to get some interesting affects.

Botanic Gardens, Wales

Botanic Gardens, Wales

Inspired by Lens artist photo challenge – on display


Arable flowers

In the National Botanic Gardens of Wales, which we visited in the summer, they had an area sown with arable wheat which had all the traditional arable “weeds” – which are in fact all wonderful flowers that attract many pollinators. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I liked it so much I took photos from lots of angles.


I would really love to replicate this is my own garden. In the summer it provides food for insects and in the autumn food for birds!


Arable meadow

National Botanic Garden of Wales

On a recent visit to Wales, we visited the National Botanic Garden of Wales – always a great place to spend a few hours and marvel at the beauty of plants. It was a hot sunny day, not ideal for taking photographs so I played a bit with the pop setting on my camera, to create some more dreamy affects.


The domed greenhouse at these gardens is particularly spectacular, but it was too hot too go in!

National Botanic Garden of Wales

National Botanic Garden of Wales


And of course when in Wales you have to be on the look out for any dreamy dragons.

National Botanic Garden of Wales

dreamy dragon




This week’s Lens-artist photo challenge is a special one as they are celebrating their first anniversary! So the choice is ours – so I thoughts I would post some photos of our recent visit to Wales.

Friendship – we made a new friend in Charlotte at Old Oak Barn, the self catering accommodation we stayed at. Charlotte has a beautiful garden and was so generous with her time, even sending me home with some seeds gathered from her garden to try. You can see more about Charlotte’s garden here.

Charlotte's Garden

Charlotte’s Garden

Imagination – The National Botanic gardens of Wales is full of imaginative planting, beautiful sculptures and of course fabulous plants and flowers.

Connected – Wales is very well connected with its history, with many wonderful castle to visit and explore.

Wales is a lovely country full of great places to visit and friendly people.

Thank you to the Len-artists of their year of photo challenges. I look forward to the coming year.



Charlotte’s Garden

We have just returned from our annual trip to Wales to see my husband’s family. When there, I always like to include a garden visit, and this year we were in for an extra treat as we stayed at self-catering accommodation at the Old Oak Barn, near St Clears, where we got to enjoy Charlotte’s garden every day.

Charlotte's Garden

Charlotte’s Garden

Charlotte has the most beautiful flower garden, but she also grows vegetables (which we also got to enjoy). Her garden is a riot of colour, form and scent.

Charlotte's Garden

Charlotte’s Garden

So I thought for this week’s Six on Saturday I would share some of the highlights from her garden.

  1. A pot full of pink cosmos greeted us.



2. Charlotte grows in mixed beds of flowers and vegetables. Every looks so healthy. And the lettuce and peas were delicious.



3. She had a couple of different poppies, which self-seed around the garden including this dark one and this really flouncy one.


4. She has beautiful roses, here are just two examples.

5. And her lupins, like my own, are popular with the bees.

Bee on lupin

Bee on lupin

6. She also grows teasel, which is another great wildlife plant being good for bees and later on for birds who will eat the seeds.



So that is my six and to finish just a few general photographs of Charlotte’s lovely garden. We all really enjoyed our stay at the Old Oak Barn and would recommend it for anyone looking for Self catering Accommodation in Wales. For more information you can following the link:

Old Oak Barn


This week’s Lens Artist weekly challenge theme is “blue”.

Blue brings to my mind two things. The sky and the sea. The combination of blue sky and sea is magical.

Firstly Newport beach from our trip to Wales earlier in the summer.

Newport Beach, Wales

Then closer to home, Ross beach, and below Beltra beach, County Mayo.

Ross beach, Co  Mayo, Ireland

Ross beach, Co Mayo, Ireland

Beltra beach, Co Mayo

Beltra beach, Co Mayo, Ireland