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St Brigid’s Day

Here in Ireland,  the 1st of February is celebrated as Saint Brigid’s Day and is seen by many, perhaps optimistically, as the first day of spring!

It was great to see the children leave school today clutching their Saint Brigid’s Crosses. We made some more at home.


Rushes are weaved together to form a simple cross. There are a number of different designs. This is the one I have known since I was a school girl.

You can learn more about St Brigid traditions here.

St Brigid’s Day

Today the first of February is St Brigid’s day in Ireland. It is also seen by many here as the first day of Spring. With Storm Henry blowing outside it still feels a bit like winter! But there is a definite change in the light, which is always nice.

One of the lovely traditions of this day is the making of St Brigid’s crosses. Agoyvaerts has  a lovely tutorial on her blog which is well worth a look. This is one I made last year.

Brigid's Cross

Brigid’s Cross

We’ll be making some “modern” ones later with our local ladybirds group (like girls scouts for 5-7 year olds) using fuzzy pipe-cleaners in bright colours. The pipe-cleaners are a little easier for little hands.

So wishing you all a happy St Brigid’s day and a Happy Spring!!