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Six on Saturday – 8th August 2020

Finally some sunshine today. Hoping that a little bit of heat will bring the runner beans on. They are only just coming.

The most existing new arrivals though are our new chicks! Just started hatching last night.

Another new arrival is this Dahlia. Not the one I thought I had bought, but still an interesting flower, and a carder bee did visit it today so should be good for pollinators. From searching online this one appears to be Dahlia Honka Black, but open to correction. It is the first time I have grown Dahlia. I have another but no sign of flower buds on that one yet. Unlike The Propagator I won’t be able to leave them in the soil to overwinter, so for ease I have put these in pots which I can move to the greenhouse or polytunnel.

Next this week, we are getting the odd rasperberry. I got a photo of this one just before I popped it into my mouth!

Next a busy bumblebee collecting pollen from the outside oregano.

And finally this week, American elderberry. It flowers much later that our native elderberry and so we rarely get any fruit. But the flowers are lovely.

Thanks to The Propagator for hosting Six on Saturday.

August: Garden update

We are definitely having an early autumn this year. Leaves are already beginning to turn and blackberries are ripening. While the summer seems warmer than last year, these last few weeks have been showery with very few dry or really warm days. In the garden, we’re enjoying the first plums and apples but like last year the pears have a very bad case of scab and are splitting and seem inedible. Not sure if this has been exasperated by the damp and often humid weather.

The weather has definitely brought on the potato blight, which we get each year. But this year the potatoes did go in on time and those we have harvested are a good size. Cabbages too are appreciating the plentiful rain and where not ravaged by slugs, snails and caterpillars are getting big.

Runner beans have done much better than last year too. Not sure if it is because I got them in early and they had a couple of warm, dry weeks in May to get well established.


Interestingly the courgettes outside are doing better than the one in the polytunnel or greenhouse. The older plants have established much better.

Bumblebee pollinating courgette

Bumblebee pollinating courgette

Carrots again failed to germinated well and / or were eaten by slugs! The same with beetroot, which last year I grew in modules before planting out. I must remember this for next year!  Squash, are small and will probably not come to much. I feel that each year you need to grow a variety of vegetables and then hopefully something will do well!

Mini squash

Mini squash!

So is growing your own vegetables and fruit a sign of “thrift” – defined by the Oxford dictionary as “the quality of using money and other resources carefully and not wastefully”?