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Six on Saturday – 9th May 2020

It is warm today. Close to 20 degrees Celsius. Tomorrow temperatures are going to drop again, to about 11, so it is from one extreme to another. We got a small amount of rain last week but it is still exceptionally dry for the west of Ireland.

  1. I am not sure if it is the hot temperatures or the dry weather that has driven some of the frogs back to the pond. We saw four today – just chilling in the water.

2. Also in the pond, one large great diving beetle.

3. By the pond is also one of my favourite damp habitat flower – Ragged robin. There does not seem to be as much as last year, but it is just coming out.

4. Lavender is in flower – the bees don’t seem to have found it yet.

5. The bees are preferring the sage flowers in the greenhouse.

6. And finally for this weeks six, some Aquilegia flowers.

Thank you to The Propagator for hosting Six On Saturday.