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Lens-Artist Challenge #195: Colourful Expressions

Today we enjoyed a beautiful walk in Brackloon woods near Westport, Co Mayo. The wood is a Special Area Conservation due to the presence of old oak woodland. It was full of the colours of spring. The woodland floor covered in flowers. Mossy greens , the pink stems of Herb Robert, yellow Lesser Celandine and white Wood Sorrel.

Woodland floor

Here the Wood Sorrel in more detail, and below that the Celandine.

Wood sorrel
Lesser Celandine

Also the delicate white of Greater Stitchwort.

Greater Stitchwort

Among the flower butterflies added further colour and beauty. First the aptly named Peacock and below the Holly Blue butterfly, tiny but like a little bit of sky fliting about.

Peacock butterfly
Holly Blue Butterfly

It does the soul good to immerse oneself in nature for a little while.

Thank you to Anne at Slow Shutter Speed for this week’s Lens Artist Photo Challenge.

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #108 – Sanctuary

Nature is my Sanctuary. Being out in nature’s open spaces……..

Be it beach or hills…..

But also enjoying the wildlife in the garden………………

But above all getting up and close to our amazing bumblebees…………….

And butterflies…………………..

And all of mother nature.

Woken too early

This poor little battered peacock butterfly had been hibernating in our wood pile. And it was accidentally brought into the house. Of course the warm house fooled it into thinking it was spring time (though the way the birds are starting to sing at the moment I think it is getting closer!).

Anyway my husband managed to get the butterfly into this bucket of bird peanuts and brought it outside to the colder workshop. It was given a sugar-water solution to drink. We’re hoping it’ll have enough energy now to settle back into a sleep till it is warm enough OUTSIDE  to let it free. Of course there will have to be some flowers out there for it to feed on. In previous years I have seen early emerging butterflies and bees feeding on hellebores, fruit blossom and crocuses and wild flowers such as dandelions (Taraxacum officinale) and coltsfoot (Tussilago farfara).

If you are at the stage of planning your garden for the year do remember our pollinators. The bumblebee trust have a great garden page including a page on scoring your garden –  “How bee kind is your garden“.

Peacock butterfly

Peacock butterfly