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Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #96: Cropping the Shot

This week’s Lens-artist photo challenge is to look at cropping photographs. I do crop images pretty regularly.

Here are some examples – mostly I just like cropping some of the “noise” from the image, so I can focus on the subject a little more.

Here the cropped images just makes the subjects a little larger, and easier to see.

Birch Shieldbug

I have always liked shieldbugs. We don’t see them that often despite their colourful appearance, because they are also good at hiding. I am using my camera phone as my own camera is out of action, so not the best image!

They belong to the order Hemiptera, which is the same order as aphids, pond skaters and frog hoppers. They have a sucking mouthpath which they use to extract fluids from plants.


Maybe if we all just stopped occasionally and took time to look around us, we’d see what an amazing place our mother Earth is. Maybe we’d appreciate it just a little bit more. Maybe even enough to care just a little bit more. Maybe if we could love nature just a little bit more, we could also learn to love ourselves and others a little bit more too. Maybe we could find a bit of harmony. Just maybe.


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