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Celebrating Nature in December

Even in winter we can find much to celebrate in nature. Our friendly robin greets us each morning looking for breakfast.


And many other garden birds can be seen at the feeders, or queuing up for them.

Blue tit and Coal tit

Most of the leaves have fallen now but even on the ground they still look beautiful.

Oak and beech leaves

Some trees, though striped of leaves, are covered in interesting lichens and colourful berries.

Hawthorn tree

While many greens are gone others can be found – like this very healthy and vibrant moss.


Grasses and reeds, while brown, still have interesting seed heads


And on those calm bright winter days we can still enjoy that lovely winter light – even if its length is very short.

Lough Conn

Winter too is a time of reflection, for remembering those gone before us, and thinking of those left behind.

Wren’s nest

Regular readers may have read my previous post about the wren fledgling. The photo below is a wren’s nest, and the very reason why you shouldn’t get rid of the moss on your lawn.

Wren nest

Wren nest

Male wrens build a couple of nest at the start of the breeding season and the female decides which one she wishes to lay her eggs in. This year, our resident female chose the one the male had built in the old swallow’s nest. It appears to have been a good choice, as we found this one in the middle of a comprey plant. Heavy rain had caused the tall comprey stems to fall over, exposing the nest.