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Wild Christmas 30th December

Continuing with my 12 days of Christmas wild things, we had a lovely walk at Moore Hall today. Moorehall is designated Special Area of Conservation for Lesser Horseshoe Bat. There are a number of relatively new wildlife sculptures and benches which now add additional interest to the walk, which I have blogged about before. Bats of course are the highlight here.

But many other mammals were also present.

And other animals too, the pike and dragonfly associated wit Lough Carra, which borders the site.


Burriscarra Abbey lies close to the shores of Lough Carra, in County Mayo. As soon as you climb over the stone style into the grounds of the abbey you get a sense of history. The place seems particularly peaceful, you are surrounded by the abbey ruins, a church ruin and gravestones, old and new. The oldest one recorded with a date was 1738, but older were without dates were also present.

Burriscarra Abbey

Burriscarra Abbey

The site has a long and mixed history. The Carmelites founded the abbey in 1298, though there may have been an earlier monastery. In 1383, it was abandoned but by 1412 it was transferred to the Augustinian Friars of Ballinrobe by papal degree. Around 1430, it was burnt but was rebuilt shortly afterwards with funds collected from the local population. The present ruins are thought to date from this rebuilding.

I wonder what is the significance of these gargoyles? It amazes me to think someone created them over 500 years ago!