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Nature’s architecture

The Burren is a well known area in County Clare in the West of Ireland famed for it’s limestone pavement / karst landscape. Less well know is this area on the Mayo / Galway border known by the locals as the little Burren, and officially as the Gortnandarragh Limestone Pavement Spacial Area of Conservation. Here limestone pavement occurs close to the surface with little or minimal soil cover. The limestone wears away through natural processes of being weathered and dissolved by rainwater. Little holes and cracks form and in these plants grow – often unusual ones. Nature’s architecture at it’s best.

Appreciation of nature

From early childhood I have felt a connection with Nature. I am in my comfort zone when I am surrounded by Nature’s amazing greenery…..


Or the blue / greens of the ocean.

Achill Island

In my garden, I get a deep sense of pride and joy when the things I grow can, in turn, provide food for our beautiful bumblebees (and hoverflies)…

Bumblebee drone sharing Allium

Bumblebee drone sharing Allium

.. Or butterflies.

Orange tip on chives

And when our unique Irish hares visit, it is an extra special day.


My wish is to stay always like this, living quietly in a corner of nature. Claude Monet

Inspired by this week’s Lens-Artist Photo Challenge – Nature

West of Ireland Landscapes

Landscapes here in the west of Ireland can be dominated by grey, particularly in the winter months.

Lough Nafooey

Lough Nafooey

But the clouds can break to reveal those extra browns and greens.

West Mayo

West Mayo

And if you are lucky the sun will break through, and the clouds will play shadows with the ground.

West Mayo

West Mayo

And if you are near water you will get those amazing cloud reflections, as lake water doubles up as sky.

Lough with water lillies

Water lilies on lake