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International Day of Biological Diversity

There is so much in our wonderful world to love.  Celebrate world biodiversity day by having a walk in nature.

Celebrating International day of Biodiversity

22nd May is International Day of Biodiversity. Here are just a few of the recent highlights from the garden and further afield. There is so much wonderful biodiversity out there. Go and explore.

International Day for Biodiversity – 22nd May

Today we are celebrating biodiversity. Biodiversity is all around us – in the wonders of the natural world that surround us; it is part of the food we eat; it provides us with clean water and fertile soil. And yet more than ever it is under threat. The vital ecosystems that support Earth are constantly being bombarded by man, be it with pollution, destruction of habitats or species extinction to name just a few. Today though should be a day for celebration. So let us put aside all the negative things we are doing to mother nature and celebrate all her glory.


One of the best ways to celebrate is to get out there and enjoy what the world has to offer. It may be just a walk in the park – but get outside, enjoy it!

Here in Ireland you can get involved in the National Biodiversity Data Centre’s ‘5,000 biodiversity records challenge’. All they ask you to do it get outside and record some wildlife and send you records to them – for more information click here.

Here are some of my pollinator biodiversity highlights from this weekend.