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Native Irish Honeybees

It had been thought that the native Irish honeybee Apis mellifera mellifera was extinct. However, research from Jack Hassett at the Limerick Institute of Technology has found that this may not be the case at all. Using DNA techniques, bees from three hundred Irish hives were examined and the vast majority were found to be a pure form of the native bee Apis mellifera mellifera.

This is good news and makes it even more important that we protect this unique population.

Further information:

Limerick Institure of Tecnology

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Summer Gallery II

My second gallery this week – just a few of the wonderful bugs feeding and mating in the garden this week. And some purple loosestrife just because it looks nice and some wild raspberries because they taste great (they are particularly good this year, despite our poor summer. I hope the autumn cultivated ones will be as tasty!)