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Six on Saturday – 5th September 2020

Yes it is definitely feeling autumnal now. So first this week some apples.

  1. Crab apples. This tree was packed with blossom earlier in the year and we have some fruits but not as much as other years. They are also a bit scaby.
Crab apple

2. Another apple – this time an eater – a Bardsey. Again very few fruit but one of the few which has fruited this year (we had a very late frost).

Bardsey apple

3. Chilli peppers in the greenhouse. I just had one plant, but it has a good crop so I will probably dry them.


4. Caterpillar damage on the brassicas – mostly in the polytunnel. The netted beds outside are generally okay.

5. Now this one is puzzling. This is purple sprouting broccoli which isn’t relay supposed to produce broccoli till spring – so is it just very confused or did I plant it too early? I shouldn’t complain though as I will enjoy eating it.

Purple spouting broc

6. And finally two of our seven chicks . They are growing quick.

Covie and Tina

Thanks to The Propagator for hosting Six on Saturday.

May Garden

Work can be busy and I find myself juggling various tasks, but get out in the garden, even just to water the greenhouse plants, and I feel calm restoring. Without a doubt it is one of my places in the world.

Apple blossom

Apple blossom

I thought I was behind in my gardening jobs but reading back over my garden notebook I see that I have been here before.

24th May 2009
Still very little done outside. May has continues wet and windy. Planted some main-crop potatoes today (golden wonder), Robinta still to go in
12th May 2013
A wet spring and now May continues wet and windy….Lots of things germinated but still very small and too cold to put out. Outside I have planted some broadbeans which are getting battered by the wind………….

I keep a notebook mainly to have a visual plan of my garden beds so that I can rotate my crops each year. Things don’t always work out the way I planned them but it is still good practice.

I have been working at clearing weeds from the vegetable plots, as the wet autumn and winter meant that these were left pretty much untouched since last September!  So now I am struggling to remove well-rooted grasses and creeping buttercup.

We have garlic and onions growing in a part of the chicken field and I had enough space to add some parsnip and carrot though there is not much sign of seedlings yet. Some, but not all the potatoes are in too.

In the greenhouse, plants such as beetroot, cabbages, beans and squashes are growing and will hopefully be ready for planting out in a few weeks. We are harvesting salad crops, spinach and leaf-beet from the greenhouse and outside we have a small enough crop of sprouting broccoli.

The blue fence around the flower garden has been repainted and we are half way through treatment the wood on the greenhouse.


There are always jobs in the garden, but they are jobs I don’t mind doing!