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Six on Saturday – 13th June 2020

We have returned to cooler weather but still only small amounts of rain. As we approach mid-June there are endless garden jobs to do. Today is was planting out brassicas, cutting back rosemary and taking some cuttings, weeding and potting up. So here is this week’s six, and thanks to The Propagotor for hosting Six on Saturday.

  1. Large bellflower, Campanula. The first year I planted these they put on a big display and then got toppled by the wind. Since then they have seeded themselves here and there as individuals.

2. Here meadow cranesbill and yellow allium, both of which I showed in previous weeks, but I like the colour combination of the two together. If you look closely you may see a white tailed bumblebee too.

3. This is the same wild meadow cranesbill as the blue one above, which again seed themselves happily in the gravel and I then move them on. This one I moved to one of the wildflower meadow areas. It is not fully white, but has a slightly purple tinge.

4. I really like foxgloves as do some bumblebees.

5. Sage – the outdoors ones are now in flower, though some of the flowers seem burnt – which is quite possible as we did have a late frost, though it could also be wind burnt.

6. And finally this week Worcester berry – it is like a cross between a gooseberry and blackcurrant. These berries will get darker in colour. Seems to be a good enough crop this year – so may get a pot of two of jam.

Six on Saturday

Work has been busy, so garden jobs are mounting up, but thankfully many things just go on doing their thing, without my help.

So here are this week’s Six on saturday.



I love many of the old cottage garden flowers and have lupins in blue, pink and purple. Always popular with bumblebees.



This lovely small purple Geranium was given to me by a friend.  It isn’t in the best place,  hidden behind some sage plants,  so need to either propagate more plants or move.



All herbs are good pollinator plants and this lavender doesn’t appear to get as leggy as other varieties.



The blue ones seem to have gone over very quickly, but this one is still giving a good display. Single flower varieties will be used by bumblebees.



Always ready to add a dash of colour.


Bugle, Ajuga

The native bugle is a great little bee plant. This cultivated form has lovely dark crimson leaves and it readily spreads if you let it.


Thanks to The Propagator for hosting