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Six on Sunday

I was going to post six garden highlights yesterday for six on Saturday but I had to work this weekend so I never got time to post. So I am cheating and giving you six on Sunday instead.

1. Crabapple blossom.  The leaves and blossom have suffered from last week’s hail and sleet (note the brown-edged on flowers and leaves), but it is still a beautiful sight!

Crab apple blossom

Crab apple

2. My sister gave me these drumstick primroses as present a few years ago and they seem to be starting to multiply a little.


Primula denticulata

3. Slowly the lettuce crops are coming. For now, we are enjoying nice crunchy, peppery radishes, rocket and purslane.



4. Rockcress, is not as plentiful as other years. I need to remember to collect seed and set some plants to overwinter in the greenhouse or polytunnel.



5. The frogs must have run out of room in the pond because we discovered some spawn in this improvised water tank. The tadpole in both pond and tank are growing fast.



6. And finally some of the queen bees have started collecting pollen. This means they have chosen their nest sites and within a couple of weeks worker bees will start to emerge.

Bee with pollen

Bombus pratorum, Early Bumblebee