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Six on Saturday

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April flowers

April brings Spring flowers. I was interested to see differences between recent years. Here are wood sorrel flowers from mid April 2018. This year they have already been in flower for a couple of weeks.

Wood sorrel

Wood sorrel from 18th April 2018

This year I first photographed Lesser Celendine in flower at the end of January. Here it was in April 2015. It has a longish flower season and is in flower along some of our local hedgerows today.

Lesser celendine

Lesser celendine from the 10th April 2015

Fruit blossom is a real favourite of mine. Here are pear and June berry blossoms from the 20th April 2016. The June berry is covered in blossom already and the pear is just starting.


The crab apple is just coming out, and below is what is looked like on the 12th April 2017.

Crab appled

Crab apple blossom

And of course I cannot pass the opportunity to post a bumblebee photograph, as while March is when we first start seeing the queen’s emerge from hibernation (though it was February this year), April is the month that we start seeing the queen’s in any numbers. And it is so nice to have them back.


Forest Cuckoo Bumblebee

Inspired by this week’s Lens artist photo challenge – Hello April.




April Flowers

The garden is starting to show a bit of colour and when the sun shines it certainly warms the heart. One of my spring favourites are the fruit tree blossoms which are just beginning. The plum blossom has a particular delicate, sweet smell which I wish  I could share.

Plum blossom

Plum blossom

The lollipop primula where a gift from my sister a couple of years ago. The daffodils are nearly over but the pale ones are still looking  good. The pansies are the first pansies I have successfully grown from seed!

Of course there are wildflowers too. Though the wood sorrel is currently growing in a pot where it seeded itself. I love daisies and of course dandelions are great for early pollinators.