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Six on Saturday – 26th September 2020

Today we woke to the first frost of the season, with more forecast for tonight. So it is the end of the runner beans, courgettes and no more opportunity for the world’s smallest pumpkin to get any bigger for Halloween! It about the size of my fist. It was just not warm enough for the squashees and pumpkins this year.

Tiny pumpkin

2. I thought I might be able to salvage some of the remaining runner beans but they were soft and not very appetizing. There are a few dwarf ones left in the greenhouse.

runner beans

3. Plenty brassicas to keep us fed though and the leaves of the kale were looking rather good in the frost.

Frosted kale

4. We didn’t get many blueberries either this year but the last remaining berry and the reddening leaves also looked nice in the frost.


5. A self-seeded fennel, also with frost crystals.


6. And finally this week some parsnip seeds, looking very autumnal.

Parnsip seed

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Six on Saturday – January 18th

After storms and very wet weather the garden is pretty much sodden. Then last night a sharp frost has left everything frozen solid. It was minus 4.5 degrees Celsius this morning – not often we get it that cold here in the west of Ireland.

  1. Poor robin was feeling the cold – all fluffed out trying to keep warm. We put extra food out this morning for all the birds.



2.  The pond is frozen too. We did a bit of pond maintenance last week – taking out quite a lot of sedges that had spread through the shallower end and bog bean which had taken over half the deep end. It looks quite a bit better.

Pond - frozen

Pond – frozen

3. I wonder if the honeysuckle is now regretting send out leaves?



4. The creeping raspberry looks very pretty with its frosted fringe. This is a good ground cover plant but we have never got any fruit from it. The bees do like the flowers though.

Creeping Raspberry

Creeping Raspberry, Rubus nepalensis (I think)

5. The poultry were finding it cold this morning too. Nelson (our drake) kept walking a few steps and then sitting down as if he was trying to warm his feet. Junior, the cockerel was crowing standing on one foot.

6. And finally our roof is looking a bit like a green roof at the moment. Possibly because of the really wet winter it seems to have become populated with lots of moss. I don’t really mind – it looks pretty.

moss covered roof

moss covered roof

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First frost

We woke this morning to blue skies, but also white encrusted grass. The sun soon had things gently steaming and the frost quickly disappeared. It was just the confirmation of what we already knew – autumn is here. The frost wasn’t sharp enough to do away with the beans – so we may get another couple of meals.  But the squash and pumpkins, which didn’t have a good year anyway, are gone for another year. It is the cycle of seasons, but this one is always one I am reluctant to let go.