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Wild New Year 4th January

So I am almost at the end of my 12 days of Christmas wild things, and I am cheating slightly as I am going to show some images from a wildlife camera that is set up in the wood just below the house. It’s taken me a bit of time to get a good location, as I had a lot of half animal and blurry images where the animals have come too close. But here are a couple of the better ones.

Firstly a pine marten. We have seen them in the past and know that they are around, though more by the signs they leave behind (mainly scats, i.e. their faeces). It is great to get an image to be sure.

Pine marten

And a much less illusive mammal, the fox, which we see a lot more regularly.


And finally for those of you with good eyesight – a little mouse, probably a wood mouse going by it’s shape.

Early the other morning…..

…..a fox came to visit. We heard the hens making a rumpus and my son saw the fox slink off with something between it’s jaws.

We found some tell tail signs of feathers –

…and followed the trail down the track…..

…across the field and under the fence, across the small river.

Poor Tiger, one of our young cockerels has gone. Early morning breakfast. Such is nature. Tiger was a feisty young fellow, so I expect he put up a fight. I imagine the fox with a sore nose.