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Happy New Year!

I had my final walk around the wood near the house for 2015 in the rain. It could be the final walk, as many of the conifers are due to be felled early in the new year. The wood has brought me many hours of creativity over the last year and that I will miss it when it is gone. I will miss my walks too as even in the worst of weathers you can still enjoy a relatively dry and comfortable walk.

It is likely that 2016 will bring us more rain and floods, but as the final leaves of 2015 are blown away let us hope for new growth.

May 2016 bring us lots of laughter. May we find time to indulge our creativity and no matter what life throws at us may we will find the grace to deal with it. And may the sun shine through it all.

Wishing you all a very happy and peaceful New Year.

November light

At this time of year, with the sun low in the sky I find you get a different kind of light. In the conifer plantation just down the lane from us, the sun penetrates through the lower branches, highlighting the rich, green moss. The moss and ferns only grow where they get enough light – like here where some trees fell over in last year’s storms.

The drains are full after all the rain and they reflect the low light too, as do the fallen bronze larch needles. I love the way they create patterns in the water.

Around the edges of the wood where birch and larch predominate, there is always more light, but the late afternoon sun gives an almost warming glow.