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Six on Saturday – 18th April 2020

Another six on Saturday. Again the garden is a great haven during lock-down. No shortage of jobs to do.

1. So first I did some work on a very neglected flower bed. I have some plants that I over wintered in the greenhouse, like lupins, which I will pop in here over the next day or two.

2. Blackthorn flowering in the hedge. This was taken yesterday when we had some glorious sunshine.

3. Cherry blossom – it’s got a bit burnt with frost, but the bees are enjoying it.

4. Tulips – some new ones just about to open.

5. Another bee – this time the Common carder bee (bit blurred) on kale flowers. I always leave some of the ragged jack kale to flower as the bees always enjoy it.

6. Disturbed this little fellow while digging.

Thank you to The Propagator for hosting Six on Saturday.

Six on Saturday


Carder bee disappearing into comfrey flower

Common carder bee with it’s head deep inside a comfrey flower

1. Comprey is always a great bee plant, and it just keeps on flowering the whole season through which is a huge benefit for pollinators. 

Carder bee feeding on flower kale plants

Carder bee on flowering kale

2. I always let my over-wintered kale flower as it is another valuable food source, not just for carder bumbles but also early bumblebees and white tailed bumblebees too.

Wasp of black currant

Wasp of black currant

3. Wasps are predators of other insects but queen wasps emerging from hibernation seem to love my blackcurrant bushes. Each spring I see them feeding on the flowers, I suspect gathering nectar from the flowers.

Garden bumblebee on autumn olive tree

Garden bumblebee on autumn olive tree

4. The autumn olive is proving really popular with the bees too. Yesterday I counted four different types of bees feeding on it as well as some small hoverflies.

Carder on Indian pea tree

Carder on Indian pea tree

5; Another carder (they are easier to photograph than other bees!) on the Indian pea tree.



6. And finally a flower without a bee to complete my Six on Saturday .