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Six on Saturday – 19 September 2020

Here we had a lovely warm sunny day, better that most of the days we had in August. The warmer temperatures the last week have finally brought out the asters which were stubbornly refusing to flower.

  1. The first is a pink one. Not many flowers but the poor thing is living in a pot waiting for a nice bed to find a home in. I think I have the place now – not sure if it would be best planted out once it has finshed flowering or to wait till the spring.

2. A purple aster with smaller flowers. This one at least is in a flower bed.


3. Next this week is a late flowering opium poppy with a common carder bee.

Opium poppy

4. A bit of a caterpillar infestation on the ragged jack kale!

Caterpillars on ragged jack

5. A marrow that will hopefully make its way to be chutney with some of the green tomatoes in the greenhouse.


6. And finally this week I just liked this pattern on a beetroot we had for dinner so I thought I would share it.


Thank you to The Propagator for hosting Six On Saturday.