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Almost there…..

We are almost there,  and for any of you that are celebrating Christmas and have children in the house, the excitement, may be mounting exponentially.

In a time, when in Ireland, our homeless crisis is huge, currently over 8800 people living in hotel rooms or on the street, it makes me stop and think how lucky I am to have a house over my head (and no bank breathing down my back).

In a time when 767 million people live below the international poverty line of $1.90 a day, I wonder at the excesses of Christmas? Like many, there will be more than enough gifts under our Christmas tree.

For the children, I try to include useful and practical presents like books and clothes. My daughter loves fairies so we’ve all being working on some presents for her. I gave my son the job of building a miniature fairy garden. My husband has made a fairy door and I have made her two fairies adapted from these tutorials by Untidy Artist.



We’ve also made simple gifts for relatives. Being creative makes me feel a little better about the consumerism of Christmas, probably because I am as guilty as the next person!

Where ever you are this Christmas, whatever your circumstances, I hope that you find happiness and peace, and I hope you have time to enjoy the company of family and friends.



With Christmas just around the corner, relaxing is still not something I am ready to do. There are a couple of gifts to find yet, presents to be wrapped, cards to be written, not to mention the food shop and cooking. But the tree is up and the children have made a great job decorating it. And I know it will all come together on the day (at least I hope it will!).


There will be plenty time to relax during the holidays – and that is one of the things I look forward too. No school runs and the chance for a little lie in (except maybe Christmas morning when no doubt we will be woken before dawn!).

The other thing I love about Christmas is getting cards and letters – and in particular the letters with all the news from friends and relatives far and wide. It makes me wonder why we don’t write more letters? They are so nice to receive. And I think I will have on my list of ’17 for 2017′ writing more letters – not emails but proper letters, that go in an envelope and get a stamp and you pop in the post box! And don’t get me wrong I love emails too. I have three friends in the UK who I communicate regularly with using email. We email about everything and anything, from family crisis to the woes of defrosting the fridge and I love finding their emails in my inbox too.

I encourage you all to write at least one letter this Christmas season and share the joy of receiving letters.

I hope to post before the weekend so in the meantime I hope you find a little time to relax before the festivities begin in earnest.

Prompted by today’s Daily Prompt: Relax