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Tuscan blue

The Belmullet Peninsula on the west of Ireland may not be Tuscany, but under the sun it can be a little bit of paradise too. We had the chance to enjoy a sunny Sunday there recently.

The Peninsula lies on the north western tip of County Mayo, and is part of the Wild Atlantic Way.

Farming and fishing are important. And while there are quite a lot of houses many are holiday homes.

There are many long and sandy beaches to explore……………………….

Plenty of water to have some fun in.

……………..with only a few islands between you and the wide Atlantic ocean.

Stunning scenery all around.


Harebells, Campanula rotundifolia, are one of my favourite summer flowers. What is not to like – a beautiful blue colour and shaped like bells. I have cultivated forms of Campanula in my garden but nothing beats this native one. The native ones are found on dry grasslands and dunes. These ones were  growing on a dry sand/soil bank adjacent to some machair (a specialised, rare and sandy habitat formed from windblown calcareous sands) near Belmullet, Co Mayo.



Joining Cee’s flower of the day.



Find one of thirteen.

Earlier this month, I published a post on a list of 16 “challenges” I was setting myself for 2016. Number thirteen on the list was:

“Find thirteen interesting items (these could be anything from something picked up beach-combing, to finding something in a charity shop – ideally it should not be something new or that I have paid full price for!)”

So here is the first find. This piece of drift wood spoke to me as soon as I saw it. At first it reminded me of a playtpus (looking at the left-hand side), but looking at the photograph I can also see a dolphin (right-hand side). It’s not very big – less than a foot long, perfect addition to the flower garden.



It was a lovely beach not far from Belmullet, on the NW coast of County Mayo. The beach was covered in shells, so the kids and I had great fun collecting cockle shells, razors, clam shells, limpets, and the odd queen scallop shell.