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Six on Saturday – 9th October 2021

Finally some respite from the rain. Temperatures though remain exceptionally mild for October. Thank you to The Propagator for hosting Six on Saturday.

First this week a Hawthorn shieldbug – not that well camouflaged against the reddening leaves.

We are still getting some autumn raspberries – though the wet weather of the last three days has made them pretty squishy. Maybe able to harvest a few more this weekend as weather dries up a bit.

Not such good crop from the apples this year, and those few that are there, are being attacked by birds. Picked six good ones from the Pixie apple though.

Some hazel nuts too.

There hasn’t been great germination of the winter lettuce.

But I am holding out for these brussels spouts to fill out for Christmas!

Six on Saturday – 8th August 2020

Finally some sunshine today. Hoping that a little bit of heat will bring the runner beans on. They are only just coming.

The most existing new arrivals though are our new chicks! Just started hatching last night.

Another new arrival is this Dahlia. Not the one I thought I had bought, but still an interesting flower, and a carder bee did visit it today so should be good for pollinators. From searching online this one appears to be Dahlia Honka Black, but open to correction. It is the first time I have grown Dahlia. I have another but no sign of flower buds on that one yet. Unlike The Propagator I won’t be able to leave them in the soil to overwinter, so for ease I have put these in pots which I can move to the greenhouse or polytunnel.

Next this week, we are getting the odd rasperberry. I got a photo of this one just before I popped it into my mouth!

Next a busy bumblebee collecting pollen from the outside oregano.

And finally this week, American elderberry. It flowers much later that our native elderberry and so we rarely get any fruit. But the flowers are lovely.

Thanks to The Propagator for hosting Six on Saturday.