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Photographic Review of 2018

It is so had to pick one of two photos for 2018, so I have divided into a few categories.

Favorite new place we visited – Clare Island, way back last January.

Bog pool, Clare Island

Favorite wildlife photo, probably has to be the tiny frog in my daughter’s hand, just because it is sooo small.

Tiny frog

tiny frog

Favourite bee photograph because I just love bumblebees, is this carder bee on apple blossom.

Carder bumblebee on apple blossom

Carder bumblebee on apple blossom

Favourite garden we visited. I have two, Belvedere walled garden here in Ireland and Picton Castle walled garden in Wales. Photograph below is from Picton Castle.


Hot reds

And finally just because I like it.



Inspired by Lens artist photo challenge #26