Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #241 – Spring

Here in the west of Ireland, Spring can be a bit of a mixed bag. Nice sunning days often mixed with damp cold ones. The one thing that does change though is the longer days which is always a blessing. For me there are a number of things that herald the arrival of spring (especially when the weather is not a reliable indicator).

Firstly the return of the frogs to the garden pond.

And the birds dawn chorus starting to build………

….and the return of the first of the wild flowers, such as lesser celandine below.

Lesser celandine

And the first flowers to the garden too – crocus being one of the first to show.


And last, but certainly not least, the return of pollinators – still to see my first bumblebee around the garden this year (the one below from last spring) but there are some hoverflies appearing on the dandelions and daffodils.

bumblebee queen

Thank you to Sofia for letting us share some spring delights.


27 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #241 – Spring

  1. Tina Schell

    Terrific response Karina – LOVED your frog image, that’s a beauty! I suppose we’re all in the same situation – spring is here according to the calendar but Mother Nature hasn’t quite given up on chilly days yet!

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  2. Sofia Alves

    It’s the same here, more light but still cold… better than nothing. Beautiful photos, the frog one is pretty special I think. You just reminded me I haven’t seen bees yet either. Last year at this point there were bees everywhere.

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