LAPC #238 and #239 – Alone Time and Finding Peace

Well I didn’t get much alone time last week, nor did I find much peace – it was a busy one. So this week, I am combining both last week’s Lens artist photo challenge (Alone time) and this week’s one (Finding Peace). For me time alone, is the time I find peace. Time to still the brain, recharge the batteries. Being in or close to nature, and being alone, means all the senses can be absorbed in the beauty around me.

No place better than the beach.

Ross Beach

After the beach it is my garden.

But really anywhere where I can be close to nature there is contentment.


29 thoughts on “LAPC #238 and #239 – Alone Time and Finding Peace

  1. Leya

    Yes, they go well together, these two themes. You love nature and find your peace there – just like i do. Beautiful images and peaceful alonetime. The poppy and the rainbow are my favourites. Hopefully this next week will be more peaceful!

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  2. bushboy

    Your words, my world as well Karina. Love the poppy seed head and that beach is a wonderful place to recharge 🙂
    Hope the weekend has been going OK and next week will be better 🙂

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