Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #234 – Messages

Messages come in all shapes an forms. Here are just three examples.

I was here………

Badger prints

Creative messaging………………..

dog rules

Seasonal message

Many thanks to Donna for this week’s challenge.


28 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #234 – Messages

  1. Wind Kisses

    Thanks for dropping in. I so loved the footprints. And your words, I was here. And such a breath look at the spray of flowers for us. Thanks again. You always leave a lovely message on your blog, even when the theme is something else. Have a nice weekend.

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  2. bushboy

    So lovely, so much fun Thanks Karina 🙂
    I got the dog next door over to see if he would read the rules. He walked over, had a quick glance at the screen and just walked out of the room. I am not sure whether he could read or maybe he was a speed reader and didn’t need to run his paw down the screen like people speed readers do, because they have fingers not paws,
    So you see, I still don’t know whether dogs can read or not 🙂

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