Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #207 – Seeing Double

This week Jez at Photos by Jez is hosting LAPC – Seeing Double. I too like reflections, and it is always fun trying to get a good frog reflection when the frogs return to our pond in the spring. I still haven’t managed the perfect photo – but I will keep trying.


But I have added another “double” from our recent trip to Wales – this sign hung above a shop and I thought it pretty cool.

double hare


23 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #207 – Seeing Double

  1. Photos by Jez

    A fantastic couple of shots for the challenge, Murtagh 👏 I had to look twice to see that the hare sign wasn’t a reflection 😂 Love the frog shot; may not be perfect to you but looks great to me 😃

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  2. Cynthia Reyes

    These ones too! Hope you and your loved ones are all doing well. I’m not blogging or visiting enough, as life has overtaken my good intentions. I hope to get back into the swing one of these days, though.

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