Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #200 — Every Little Thing

This week, Amy asks us to share little things that makes us smile. Well anyone that follows me will probably guess that I would share a bee photo. They always make me smile.

Common carder bee

Nature is amazing and there are so many tiny creatures to wonder at. Here is one I have shared before. Ladybirds always make me smile.


The other things that makes me smile are chickens. Here is one of my daughter’s silkies. A double smile, because they make her smile too.

Silkie chick

32 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #200 — Every Little Thing

  1. Jane Miller

    A huge amount of pleasure from such tiny things. Watched the first programme of Springwatch on BBC2 last night. They featured a tiny bee (just over 1 mm) which lays its eggs in snail shells The care and devotion was staggering. Just because we can’t always see things easily ..

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